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"Oh! He's a cake decorator, not an architect!"

- The Gallerist

Caz Egelie (1994) creates sculptures, performances and 3d-animations. This large, multi-disciplinary body of work is full of art-historical references and individual works which reference each other. The visual vocabulary of these images – the colours, the buildings, the clothes – is combined with his conceptual approach, and his appetite for theatre and performativity. Among his influences are the Commedia dell'Arte theatre of Renaissance Italy, but also the scenography and costume designs of the modernist BAUHAUS.


In the Middle Ages, the court jester had a serious role, which was to speak truth to power, and Caz Egelie has taken on this role for himself. In inventing new and original ways of combining artistic practices and presenting his installations and performances, Caz is engaging in institutional critique from the position of the jester, resulting in what one could call 'institutional jest'.


Text by Michiel Westbeek



Based in Utrecht, The Netherlands

cazegelie at gmail dot com



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